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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I Missed And More

While I have been busy with studies a lot of headlines have been generated – some good, some bad.

The incident at Aeroflot Open is the main one and enough have been said on it. Everything I have to say about it has already being repeated on various sites, so I’ll only say that heavy penalties should be issued to those who bring the Game of Kings in to disrepute in any manner.

In Sri Lanka after the great Athurupana brothers, finally a player touched a 2300 performance, the first in well over 16 years. Not much in this age, but Athula Russel’s performance, is a great effort for Sri Lankan players and hopefully more will come from many players.

This news is very exciting for all you Asian players and others who would like to come down to Sri Lanka for a tournament or a holiday with some chess in it. A couple of my friends with some help from me are in the process of organizing the biggest International Open in Sri Lanka with US $15 000 prize fund. We already a have several GMs and IMs who have said they will come.

I will upload the prospectus very soon.



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