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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Solution to Position 03

Here is the long awaited solution to position 03.

25...Rf5 with the idea of trapping the Queen forcing it to g1 after h5, when it will be exposed to a discovered attack from the Bishop.
The best reply is 26.Re1 h5 27.Rxe3 hxg4 28.Re7+ Kg8 29.hxg4 when Black has a Queen for Rook and the Light squired Bishop and with a strong attack coming against the white King.

In the game white played 26.Bf2? h5 (for those who found 26...Rc3 27. Rc3 Bc3 28. b.c3 Qa4+ give yourselves a pat on the back. (27.Bxe3 hxg4 28.hxg4+ Kg7 29.gxf5 Bxe3 30.Rc2 gxf5 31.Re1 Bd4 and white still is in trouble. )
27.Qg1 Rxc3 28.Bxd4 Qa4+ 29.b3 Rxb3 30. Kd2 Rd5 31 Bd5 Rd3+ 32. Ke1 Qe8+

And if you have forgotten Position 03 in the intervening period , click to have a look at it.



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